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Verbal Energy

Updated: Mar 8

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When we think of energy, we often think of energy as being something completely conscious and spiritual, but it is much more complex, we often do not know that verbal energy is one of the most important energy that people warily think of as being a power source.

Verbal energy holds a certain vibration that is both positive and negative and when we think of energy and what it really is, this is one of the most powerful forms of energy, because what we say and what words we use flows. It has its own intelligence and its own power, words that come out of our mother as 4 effects.

· It can uplift you.

· Confuse you.

· It can make you feel bad about yourself.

· Verbal energy can also make you believe things that are not true, which in all cases leads to war and suffering.

Media and politicians are the masters of deception, the words they use, you have no understanding of its meaning, it is like listening to an entirely different language. The word they use carries a certain vibration that traps people into an all-time believing system, it is a box in which your thinking is already done for you. The system of believing does not allow you to process what they are saying. I know that sounds a bit confusing, so I will try to break it down for you the best way I know how.

When you are not aware of your energies and the energies that are being presented to you, you can easily be manipulated and the use of verbal world is the biggest part of a mass seduction, I call this a seduction because others must seduce your mind into believing in what they are saying. Think of it this way, these seducers are the spiders casting out their web to see who will fall for it.

Obama was the biggest seducer and believer, throughout his entire campaign he talked a good game seducing people with words that hit humanities emotional energies and boy did he feed on everyone’s energies, then he started using the word believe in change, believes in this or that. This verbal communication set a vibration that manipulated billions of people because they had no time to process what was coming out of his mouth. Throughout his campaign this word he used so freely,) he figured out that this is how he was going to get you on that spider web. Let us examine this word.

BELIEVE: Second word of believe is LIE, believe in the lies I am telling is what this word really means it is what the vibrations he gave throughout this whole mass seduction.

Therefore, when people finally figured out that he was lying it was already too late, the time to think things through was already done for you throughout his entire campaign of Make Believe. Words are immensely powerful, so powerful that people themselves cannot even begin to understand, that the words we say and how we say it can literally bring the consciousness down to a screaming halt, and there is profound proof of that.

I know that every parent tells their kids 2 things in life and that is, think before you say something and if you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut. They knew that words could leave a positive or negative effect. They also knew that words held vibration that can hurt others, including yourself. Or the words that we use can get ourselves into a whole lot of trouble. Becoming aware of verbal energy is being able to clear your ears so that you can begin to understand what is being said at the time that it was said and when your ears are clear and coherent you are able to figure out what vibrations these words are coming from.

I used to watch TV a lot growing up, but as I got older, I started noticing the amount of ringing in my ears there would be and whenever I watched television they started to sound like mumbles, I call this white noise. During this time, I did not know what was going on, but being me, I had to figure it out. So, I went a week without watching anything not even the radio and what I found was that the white noise would go away, and a week later I turned on the television to watch some news and what I noticed was that the language they were using did not make any sense at all it was like listening to a bunch of idiots. That is when I had my aha moment and I knew that the words that they were using did not match my own vibration, so I threw my television in the garbage and that was in 2011.

I was becoming aware of my own vibrations and the vibrations of others. It also started with people as well, sometimes I would be speaking to someone and I would look at them as if they were from some other planet, because the words that came out of their mouths, held a certain vibration that I could no longer understand what they were saying, they started to sound like the people on TV. What I also started noticing immediately and became very aware, is when someone speaks, I can immediately tell if you are full of shit or not. People say well you must read in between the lines, although that is true, I began to listen to the vibrations of what was being said.

That is the difference between white noise and being completely aware that verbal energy is essential. Have you ever had someone say something to you and it made you feel a bit uneasy? If so, well it really was not what they said, but it was the vibrations of which the words they used.

Verbal energy is a serious problem that we ourselves must start understanding, it traps people all the time because they are not aware of their own energies, understanding our energies will stop the madness from happening in the first place.

So How Can We Connect to the Hearing Senses?

  • Self discipline being the number one into unplugging yourself from every vibration that is out there and plugging yourself into your inner world and into nature and the universe.

  • Being in a constant state of meditation and prayer, whether you are awakes or sleeping building a mental environment of resistance to vibrations that does not meet yours.

  • When doing this, this will keep yourself from burying yourself in the sand and open your heart and mind to the universe.

  • When you are in a constant state of being the awareness of your vibrations and others almost immediately.

  • Your ears become sensitive to noises.

  • This is what I call natures way of fine tuning, tuning your ear to match the earths vibrations.

  • When your ears are becoming tuned into a different energy source you will find that every voice you have ever heard becomes white noise.

  • You will see for yourself that nothing of what people is saying is making any since and the biggest part is that the language in which their vibrations holds, you will no longer understand the language at all.

  • That is because your vibrations and frequencies just hit a whole new level.

  • Verbal energy holds a great amount of power and what you hear is what that power wants you to hear.

  • When you are aware of the vibration and frequency that you are receiving you will be able to understand everything because you will be able to hear behind any closed doors.

  • Verbal energy has its own intelligence and its own power either be negative or positive, this holds the vibrations and frequency at a level that can uplift you or bring you down.

  • Understanding and becoming aware of these types of energies you will become very aware of the words you choose to speak.

Verbal energy is immensely powerful, it can uplift you, or leave you with scares that can be devastating to your spirit. Verbal energy is like an imprint on your soul, and certainly in your mind you can almost call it being branded. When we speak and our thoughts are not clear and coherent, we leave a terrifying imprint. Even if it is within good intention, it is in the vibrations that your words hold because words are flowing energy that flows freely and sometimes words that we use cannot be undone.



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