"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

Sahara Browne

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf

Universe Divided or Universe United

Updated: Mar 8

We rise, we fall, we rise, we fall.

That is what revolution is.

We sit and deny the truth, because of class, race, cultural beliefs, because of the color of our skin, because you are a boy, and I am a girl.

Live a lie, you know. Lies upon lies.

Lies about us, we lie to ourselves, to each other, to our children.

Mothers, screams, while fathers weep, children, where are you? Nowhere to be found.

The great mothers cry, while her animals dies.

We hate, we fight, but no one weeps for the suffering.

Class, race, color, culture.


We scream at each other, scream at ourselves, but no one is listening to those that are suffering.

We say unite but then we stab each other in the backs.

Divide and conquer, ignorance is bliss, you know?

Cannot handle the truth, even though the truths as always been there but ignorance is bliss.

We cry, but no one weeps.




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