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Sahara Browne

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Lone Wolf

The World as We Knew It

Updated: Mar 8

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The world as we once knew is changing, we as human beings are changing, some say it is for the good, others say there is no hope. Right now, it is nothing but chaos, but that is what it is supposed to be right? When you are fighting for your liberation, to be recognized as the people, the human beings. Things are so up in the air it is hard not to get sucked up into the illusion, and this is what is happening to a lot of people, the illusion sucking up the souls of people, while others are liberating themselves and protecting their spirit.

Still it is hard not to become hateful, of all of what is going on, there is so many truths coming out, yet still so many lies, are you going left or are you going right, what about looking forward? What about looking ahead? What about staying on the road and walking straight forward and never mind the right or left?

This is what the world has become now, choose your fate or it will be decided for you, that the only road that exists is right or left? What the hell is that? What if someone did not want to choose either left or right and wanted to choose to keep walking forward? This is the newest of illusions, right side or left side, the distraction of both is illuminating if one is brave enough to see through all the bullshit.

We are on the verge of extinction and our great mother has had enough of all this, this radiation that we create is killing everything insight including ourselves. What is it going to take for humanity to start to see the truth, what is it going to take for humanity to care for something else besides their own ego?

Time waits for no one, sure there is the awakening going on, but the earth is not waiting for that either, she is changing, and we must change with her. So, much illusion, I guess this is what the crossroads looks like, people trying to decide which road to take. It is a very confusing time for people that is for sure, but there are those that are not confused between fact and fiction, there are those that are dying trying to tell humanity the truth, and there are those that want to stay ignorant and arrogant, maybe we should stop trying and focus on what the issues are and stay on that road pushing forward. I have learned that the bridges have burned down and that there is nothing to turn back to, either we go left or right that is a personal choice, but I, myself refuse to be distracted by anything or anyone. I choose to keep going straight, after all I am the only one that is responsible for the choices I make and the road that is chosen for me to take.

I have learned recently from a dear friend, to protect my spirit, I thought about what he said and that is what I must do while walking the road, not to be distracted by the chaos that is going on around me.

The world as we once knew is changing, and I have no fear of these changes and the changes to come, I see my dear loved ones rising and there cannot be any greater joy than to be of witness to this and yes they will struggle for a little while but I know in my heart that freedom is around the corner and I pray to the Creator that I live long enough to see this happen.

We as human beings I feel must keep pushing forward and never mind this tug of war between left and right this is not the position that was set out for us, our purpose and mission here on earth is much more greater than that. We have a sense of responsibility to get in line with our mother, with our creator, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. We have a responsibility not to fall for anymore bullshit again, we have come to far and deep down we know what the truth is, we choose to fear it or to embrace it.

The world we once knew is changing and this alone means something, this is greater than us, and we must be greater than ourselves, and raise our vibrations until it cannot be risen no more, we have one shot to get it right this time, not for ourselves but for our children and the children that are not even born yet. We are only here for a few winters and then you go back to the sky world, it is what we do with the time that we have that matters.

It seemed we are going backwards instead of going forward and dealing with the issues we are facing. It seems that all the information that people fought and died for went straight out the window. The age of information which was supposed to help the people see the truth about the world that we have been living in as went right out the window; means nothing anymore. Once again, we are allowing the governments dictate to us how we are to behave, controlling and spying and watching every move we make.

Why won’t the people listen? They are to busy being controlled by the media’s bullshit once again and once again they are winning. That does not surprise me any really, I mean this is what humanity has always done right? Cannot figure out how to think for themselves and allowing these psychopaths to continue what they have been doing. While there are people that are awake and are facing genocide everyday, trying to tell the world the truth about what is really going on, but again the masses refuse to listen.

What will it take for humanity to fucking listen, maybe when the microchips roll out, or maybe when their children are being forced into cages, maybe when the earth as had enough of all this crap, she might consider doing another Atlantis, yes maybe then everyone will begin to listen.

Distractions are everywhere, right at our front doors, and still people live in fear, of what the media tells you, hanging onto every disgusting word they spew. I do not understand how, we went from almost bringing down the governments to complying to everything they are setting up for us. Our children are the ones that paying the price for this, do you know where your children are? When will humanity cares about them, maybe when the children are all gone and the governments decides that you are not allowed to produce anymore children, maybe then?

I do not pretend to know the answer, but what I do know is that there is something very wrong with this picture here, are we that easily seduced, manipulated, haven’t we come far from that? Sure, the hell does not look like it to me. There are human beings that are fighting for their way of life, for their children’s future, and for the children that are not even born yet. While the rest are creating such havoc that not even themselves knows what the hell they are even doing.

I guess this is the great divide, between those that are awake and those that choose to sleep, and those that choose to stay ignorant, all honesty you all should concerned about those people, than what is being said in the media. I would like to think that we have become more united, but each day that passes it seems that we are being further divided, those are on the left and those are on the right, that is not being united, that is straight division.

This is what the state of fear looks like, this is exactly what the elites and their coons planned to do, and this is what so many people that have fought and died to get this truth out, we celebrate remembrance day and yet we forget the real hero’s that have fought and died telling the damn truth, those that truly fought and died for our freedoms, and those that are fighting the governments every single day, that is a remembrance we do not celebrate, those that fight for this planet, for water, for air, those that fight for the right to live. Those are the true hero’s and yet, every year we celebrate invasion, genocide, ethic cleansing government created wars for profit.

We pretend to weep for the war torn children, pretend because I still am not seeing any kind of movements that surrounds our youth, I do not see anyone stomping the grounds for the missing and murdered. I guess it is true when I say that ignorance is bliss. Those that stay silent is just a guilty as those committing crimes against humanity and the planet, that is the way I see it.

The world we once knew is gone, yesterdays news, today we decide what we are going to do with the mess we are in, today we decide the fates not just of our own lives but the lives of all of our children. Today the sun could rise and that could be the end of this colonial demonic plague, today could be the day where we as a collective will become the stewardess of our own bloody destiny. Or today could be raining and all hell breaks loose and we loose everything all that is sacred including ourselves and our children will have to pay and we will have no one to blame but ourselves, I have one freaking question; What road do you chose to walk? That is the crossroads and there is no left and right or going backwards stop with this illusion and figure it out because time is not on our side and time waits for no one to wake the hell up.



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