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The Shift

Updated: Jan 17

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The shift is not what human beings and scientist believe it is to be, there are many shifts that is happening that is not being discussed and by not discussing it leads human beings to confusion about what is happening to them, to the planet and to the world around them, this confusion leads to fear, fear of not knowing, fear of accepting change of any kind, fear of themselves, fear of others. I guess therefore most people do not want to discuss what is really going on because in doing so, human beings will have more understanding and they would be more accepting of changes as they would be less fearful of it.

Cosmic Shift

So, I am going to talk about it because I am tired of seeing human beings walking around and suffering not knowing who they are or where they are going. First, this shift that human beings have been experiencing for several years now has not been easy and will not get any easier in time, evolution takes off and it does not happen overnight. There are a few changes that are happening, and these changes can be overwhelming at times.

The planets, our homes, we are all connected not separated. Planet earth is a Cosmic Being, a spiritual energy that floats through space like every other, cosmic being, she is a ship that houses her unruly spoiled children and unlike us she is special, because planet earth is a biodiverse planet, she is a living breathing organism that houses all life of every kind and yes you can say she is one of kind. As the cosmic bodies change, the planet also changes, they are all shifting and changing together. The Earth’s mother and father, sisters, and brothers, in which they all share one galaxy together is shifting with her.

The cosmic shift from other planets has a big role to play with the earth’s evolution to help and guide her through this difficult birth. Human beings are affected more so than the animal kingdom because of the consciousness of memory that is a genetic DNA that all human beings possess within them. I think the most frightening thing to know is the reality of this planet, and that whatever happens to this planet will determine the fates for so many others of her star family.

This is what I see that human beings here on earth do not have a clear understanding of, we also hold many other lives including our lives and the lives of the earth in our hands. When you come to this realization and the devastation that we have caused here, and the suffering we have caused here, will be the death for so many here but also with the Earth’s family. I know as a human being, I do not think that I could live out the rest of my life knowing that I have that kind of blood on my hands and I myself know that I couldn’t bear to live the rest of my days carrying that kind burden. Could you?

This is the shift and the cause and effect, this is what is happening, the spirit world and the physical world is at war, and the human beings in the middle, are caught up in the middle of it, but this is our war of ourselves, what we see with our brain is physical and what we see with our hearts is spiritual, is at war, can you see that? Take a long, long look, stand back and watch, what, who is playing the casting role of love and hate.

When we understand ourselves and know exactly who we are as human beings and what human beings mean, when we finally understand exactly what we are truly capable of you will change the way you behave. The last shift that the earth will take will be the longest journey and may take another lifetime to reach this undeniable connection and true understanding.

Planetary Shift

When the earth comes out of her sleep state, there is a change within the frequencies of the earth, animals are the first beings to feel these effects, that is because they rely and depend on the earth for survival and they are the closest relations to the earth. There are people that have always been here that are the keepers of knowledge, such as wisdom keepers, timekeepers, universal keepers, these people have always tracked the earth’s rotations for hundred of thousands of years, and with each solstice and equinoxes and the tracking of the stars and the moon cycle, tells them when the changes are about to happen and so forth.

When the planetary shifts happen, mother earth begins to change, the first sign is the changing of the weather patterns, human consciousness either they are aware or not of what is happening, these changes affect the mind, body and spirit. Not all effects are the same, either nations will break apart or they will come together for a common cause. This is being seen today, with each shift planetary, galactically, and universally it is being felt and seen.

The earth goes through a cycle of changes every 26,900 years which we call the shift, the earth shifts from the beginning to the end and comes back to beginning again. This cycle is a natural cycle of the earth, there is a period where the earth goes through a cooling off period and warming period, today we would call this climate change. Every single organism on this planet is going and has been going through this period of evolution.

There is a dark time and light time, this is a natural occurrence that the planet must go through to grow up. The Earth is not young anymore, she is getting older and as the planet grows older, she changes. We as human beings of this age have never seen this event take place before, but it has always been written and passed down throughout generations by all our ancestors. The planetary shift is a physical one and as the earth flips her poles, she is releasing all the toxins and energy and getting rid of anything and everything that does not serve her. There is no stopping this change as this is the natural cycle of the earth, the earth will do what needs to be done, this is the cleansing time of the earth.

Spiritual Shift

Now this is interesting, since human beings still believe that this earth is physical well, I can assure that she is no such thing. Through the physical shift that the earth goes through, the spiritual shift, which is the death, and as these changes happen when the earth dies and a good portion or her animals and human children. This death is not a physical one, but a spiritual one, and during this death the earth must go through a trial in which to change the way she vibrates, feels, thinks and works, we would call this the awakening and as she goes through this process of awakening, she begins to activate herself, consciously and subconsciously, the earth goes through the journey of trials and tribulations, in order to wake up from the long bitter sleep that has held her and her children and creatures in bondage. The first ones to be affected by this awakening is not human beings but her creatures, her creatures are the ones, that are the teachers, the guides and the healers, the animal kingdom is the first ones to be affected. In the last decade we have seen animals change, their behaviors in which they see each other and themselves, in which they communicate with the planet and how they communicate with human beings.

The animal kingdom is the most important race and the oldest race, evolution for them is a constant everyday struggle just to survive in this barbaric world they live in. And yet, you will see that the animal’s behavior has been changing, into a more loving, compassionate, accepting, state of consciousness. And why the animal kingdom first? Well it is because human beings have always been taught on how to live from the animals, not only is the animal kingdom important to the earth’s survival but it is important to human being’s spiritual survival. The animal kingdom has knowledge and knows what we forgot and refuse to see and what we deny ourselves of who we are. The animal kingdom is the trigger of human consciousness.


The earth goes through a cycle of rebirth or the purification has some human beings call it. This rebirth is the longest and dragged out process, this is where the earth is finally releasing everything, every single energy from the past, present and future, the final cleansing of herself. Also, this is where the earth itself becomes the most violent, as you may have witnessed the violent storms over the last few years, and they will become greater in the years to come. This process takes the longest, because this the change that human beings do not understand and is very confused, as all we see these days are wars, death and suffering, all this duality is the Earth’s pain, her releasing it all and yes as human beings we will have to learn to take this great responsibility. But also, during these violent storms there are great miracles being performed, such as through her releasing her fury upon us, she is pushing us closer and closer together, as well as with the animal kingdom, the animals and human beings are becoming once again, one spirit.

Human beings are helping their human and animal families, there are miracles being performed, so much magic being played out, that not too many of us see it. The rebirth is not that we are going anywhere, we are not going anywhere. I am not sure people understand that there is nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. The planet is going through changes and so are we and there is nothing negative about what is happening, I can assure you that it’s all how you perceive things and all about how you react to these changes (Laws of Attractions). You are in control of how you want these changes to occur in your life, the earth is not trying to kill us this time, but that is not to say that she won’t either it all depends on you. This shift is not about a president, or about the Queen this shift is about you and your spiritual family.

Healing Journey

I was told by an elder a long time ago, that the longest journey in life is healing, healing ourselves, healing each other, healing the planet and all life it is a long road a long hard road that we all will eventually take together. Healing all the pain and suffering, learning how to take our responsibilities accordingly, of what we have caused the planet and all life, it is the longest journey, because in healing you will have to learn how to let go and forgive everything, and everyone, learning how to forgive yourself. But the road to healing is not an individual one, the journey to healing must be done, and this journey will be the hardest for human beings because they are still very ignorant and arrogant. Healing is learning the true meaning of acceptance, acceptance of yourself, acceptance of all life but most of all acceptance of the things you cannot change. But we are a long, long way from this road as we are still very much divided and if we allow ourselves to stay divided change will never come.

The earth will go on without us as she has done before in the past. And she will create new life that will respect her, and love her the way she deserves to be loved and she will create the children she wants, to love each other, love all life, love themselves, respects themselves and has respect for all life, healing is a long road and if we don’t change our ways, the children that have come, will suffer this long hard road alone.

The earth does not need us to survive, she invited us here to be with her, to grow with her, to love with her, to be happy with her, and we should be doing better than we have been doing. We are not invincible, we can always be replaced, because she has that kind of power, this shift is nothing what science today even knows about and how could they have today’s science is 50 thousand years behind, but our ancestors knew all about this. It is imperative to believe that the earth can ever be controlled in a way that she would allow us to take her last breath away, proof is under the oceans of what can happen.

The shift can be a beautiful experience, even when this is the hardest time that human beings and all life are going through, if you begin to see the beauty of everything including yourself, this shift can be wonderful. It is not easy to see such things however, when there is so much going on in the world, this whole experience is about you uniting with your other half of yourself, to create inner peace despite what is going on outside, it is a struggle yes, everyday is a struggle but you are in control of your everyday struggles and peace and you control what goes on around you, just like you are in control what is going on inside of you.

When you decide which path to choose this shift will become easier, and when you decide to see reality for what it really is, and understand where you fit into all of it, you will become fully awakened and aware of every emotions and thoughts your pour out there, you will then automatically take full responsibility of your actions. Only then will you experience all that this great mother has to offer you.


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