"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

Sahara Browne

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf

Spiritual Essence

Updated: Mar 8

Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is the big secret? What is our true history? What is our purpose? These are the very questions I ask myself in my quiet time, what is it that makes us who we are? So much to learn and so many answers that need to be answered, right?

For centuries mankind has been looking for the reasoning of our existence, we have travelled around the world searching for our true origins knowing that deep down that we are different or something was just not right about what we have been told.

Isn’t it ironic that we have felt this deep connection to something greater than what we have been told to be true, we have believed that we are our bodies and nothing more, and when we die that is that, nothing else exists beyond the plains of physicality? We have learned about different civilizations come and go from the past and now it is happening in the present. I often wonder just what makes us, this generation so special, just what is this big secret that we are not supposed to know and yet others are killing to conceal the truth, don't you often wonder just what the hell is going on?

With all the lies and misleading that we were told, there are lots of truths to uncover here, and the bases of our existence are very important to these unwanted entities, therefore, what are we supposed to do when we live in such a density that it's making mankind go mad? I think that we have to go back a bit in order to go forward, and that is to find out about our true state of being, connect ourselves to the earth and the universe once again, many people around the world have begun to do this. They are finding themselves in a more peaceful state of mind, we have come so far with this evolution, that it is time that we let go of all things that do not serve us or the planet.

The earth at this time, is being invaded by these entities and it’s being fought over to gain control of the planet and we are right in the middle of this ancient war, and yet many people know of this war and are concealing the truth from humanity.

That is why it is important that we find out what is really happening and the secret wars that have been going on and expose this, so others can see and understand what is going on. Humanity at the same time is in the middle of this war and there is proof of that, if we just look at the wars being created by these unwanted entities, we just have to wake up to see the whole picture.

Humanity finds itself on the edge of extinction and as long as we do not connect to our planet earth, the extinction will become a reality, this is our power, the earth, we are powerful because of her. That is where our truth about who are, our past and where we are going lies, it lies within our mother earth, and it lies within our very souls.

There are memories that are being told from humanity, even if we might not realize this truth, there is a deeper understanding of what is happening and a deeper understanding about our place in the universe, although many things can be manipulated, there is one thing that cannot be manipulated and that is the universal truth. We are demonstrating this universal truth, with the universal hearts and minds, and yet we do not know what this is, what we do know is that this is what we are supposed to be doing, and fighting for what is right and just.

This is the evolution of the soul, the reawakening of our past, our ancestors, the very spiritual essence of who we are, and we may think about all the new discoveries that are being found around the world, you know that deep inside yourself that you know of this knowledge, this universal mind, this universal truth. It is a memory that has been locked away, and now is being awakened to all things that are in life and in death.

The awakening is the death of your soul so that it can be reborn again, when the planet gives birth to new life, all things change within our reality, within ourselves, and how we view things. It is only then, that when our souls are reborn can we know the truth. Although there are many people still left on the earth who do not wish this to happen and so they must create as much chaos and destruction in order to try to stop this evolution, and in reality it doesn’t matter what they try to do, to us, to the planet, we will prevail, because this planet is all that we have, if this planet is enslaved so are we, and we must understand that protecting everything that is sacred, and this entire planet sacred, we are not only saving our lives, but hers as well. The connection between man and his mother, has been long forgotten, but now it is time for all to come back to her, has not only we are the peoples of planet earth, but we are all her children as well. Humanity has been so busy looking outside of themselves for the truth, for peace, for a sense of belonging, that they forgot that it is what is inside of you, what you are already born with, all the answers you seek is inside, all the worries you have is inside.

What people don’t notice is that, what is swirling inside of you is what is being presented and your eyes are the projector, we continue to fight a war outside of yourself, a war that has nothing to do with the outside world, and has everything to do with the war that is inside of your mind and heart. Before we can change the world outside of ourselves, we have to change the world on the inside and make right with ourselves and reconnect ourselves back to all that is one, as that is where the true power is and that can change the entire world and lives of others. What we do and do not do within our own inner worlds as a direct effect on the outside world and for the other lives as well.

We as human beings, we are much more than what we believe ourselves to be and until we reach that spiritual essence of our true selves and connect ourselves back into the divine mother earth and with all life, we will continue on this road until we self-destruct.

Only we can end all this suffering of the world after all that is why we are here, we are not some race of humans that do not have any knowledge, all we have to do reach done to the depth of our souls and reach for what we were all blessed with our spiritual essence and become who we are all born to be, you just have to believe in who you are and worry about what others think.



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