"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

Sahara Browne

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf

Know Thyself

Updated: Mar 8

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Humanity has forgotten their connection to the source of life, they have forgotten their connection to the stars and the earth, to the animals, to themselves and each other. This disconnection has caused a rip between realities that they no longer can remember who they are as human beings. They lost the connection to their intelligence as human beings, when we ask people questions like who they are, they would respond to as, well I am just a human, when a response like this comes, we know that this person is very confused because we are not just human, we are human beings, beings, meaning spirit, soul, intelligence the connection to life. We continue to either deny or not know who we are, and this has had a great impact on our human history.

When religion was at its course over many centuries so did our identities we no longer were the human beings of this planet, instead we were stripped from our identities through our mother and became a just human incapable of thinking for ourselves, when religion was at its peak we became more and more aggressive towards ourselves, our mother and each other, this is how chaos was formed, instead of thinking for ourselves we became believers, believing in what we were being told about who we are, how we are going to live and becoming civilized. Instead of living as the peoples of the earth as human beings we slowly became objects of what we are.

Religion tells you that you have to be a Jew, Christian, Black, White etc. this is our identity now but in reality this is not who we are living a life of false identification is the worst kind of genocide there is, because not knowing who you are leaves you vulnerable to enslavement within your mind and by this time the thinking process which is the intelligence of all human beings becomes a state of believing.

Being lost in a world of make believe, humanity as lost themselves and knowing thyself became less important and has been replaced by material things, that they think they need to have to survive and yet they have no idea how to survive without the materialistic ego.

The studies I have done shows that humanity has become totally disconnected from their emotions and intelligence, just the thought of love with no attachments is an insane intelligence to have. Knowing thyself is really the only way to survive this hell of a matrix, taking responsibility for our own actions is the first step.

We have long been subjected to lies and manipulations by those with the only mission was to keep you in the dark of yourself, of who you are and where you came from. Not knowing that we are the brains behind the chaos, because we are naturally born dreamers and people with emotions this gives the chaotic people the power, they need to generate their agenda. That’s why it’s important now more than ever before to know thyself, because everything that you put out to the world comes back onto you, the more power we give away by not waking up is the responsibility we all have to bear, when one suffers, we all suffer.

Knowing thyself is a spiritual journey to get to the truth of things, getting the truth of who you are as spiritual human beings, it’s the power that generates the imaginations which humanity has long since forgotten, it’s through these imaginations where we are able to create and manifest.

We are able to find out what is real and what is not, to be able to go deep within in the sleeping world, we all possess and waking them up and getting to know the other side of you, the first step into breaking the cycle of duality is getting to know yourself, connecting yourself with your higher self which I call the inner worlds, and taking the time to explore yourself in a whole new light.

Humanity is held down by the illusion that we are the most dumbest race in the universe and that those that rule us, they truly believe without a shadow of a doubt that we need to be ruled like cattle. If humanity would only begin to truly explore their inner worlds and begin to think for themselves, we would find out that not only we are intelligent, but have survived this long and that we have one power that is the most benevolent of all and that is our intelligence.

Throughout the generations of being asleep, during that time we have been told that we were less intelligent people and that mankind didn’t have the knowledge to build, to think, to decide how they wanted to live, this story has been told for thousands of years. We were told that mankind only existed 6 thousand years ago to further separate mankind from truth, to stop mankind from going within themselves to discover the truth for themselves.

Making mankind believe that we are the only ones in town, that there is no other life but ours is the biggest lie ever told, again stopping mankind from exploring to find out for themselves. The system questions all the time what would happen if humanity found out that there are other beings besides them? What would happen if humanity discovered that they have been visited by other world beings since the earth came into being? Or better yet what would happen if humanity discovered that they were human beings, and not just a human without intelligence? What would happen if humanity became connected to themselves again?

Again the system claims to worry about this stuff, meanwhile half if not all of humanity knows about this by now and the only worry the governments have is that what and how would humanity respond to the fact that the elites have been lying and deceiving the mass for hundreds if not millions of years? Given these questions, how would you really respond to these questions? Of course that would depend on the individual and how well they know themselves, because if you know yourself and all your essence of yourself, you would probably respond like this. “ Well of course other beings have always been here, they have never left, our ancestors knew this as well and our elders of yesterday and today know this as well too.” This kind of response of someone that knows who they are has spiritual human beings and does not find this to be a very significant discovery, because when you are connected to the source and to our mother earth you have a full understanding that you live within many worlds upon and in this planet and throughout this galaxy.

All this boils down to is, how well you know yourself, how well connected you are to your inner world, of truth and how far would you go to defend it! There are risks of course to knowing thyself because it puts you on a path to a higher vibration state of being, and through this you would be leaving a trail of light behind you so others can pick up on this new frequency that you just manifested, now the risks are we still have those that do not want this to happen, for someone to change the volume and that volume can ring as loud as you want it to.

There are those that like I said, that do not want this to happen, you start changing the way you think, you start dreaming, discovering, asking questions. You begin to talk to other people about what you're experiencing and that person may think you’re crazy, but they too we'll tell someone you're crazy story and that’s how it all starts, people start talking and thinking, this is what they don’t want you to do and they will stop at nothing to shut you up.

That is their fear, yes FEAR, that is what the system are fearing every day since the beginning of time fearing of us finding out. Finding out who they are, the knowledge that they kept, but most of all they fear us, because of who we are. I know I should not say this, but it makes me excited to know that they fear us, it is how we respond to it, and how we use our intelligence clearly and coherently.

Now you understand why it is so important to take your quest to get to know thyself and sharing that knowledge is vital, it can save lives, and empowers others to wake up and see what is happening around them and eventually opening up to the possibilities of their past, present and future. We live in an illusion of beliefs that is not our own, we are told what to believe instead of using our intelligence, if we started thinking these illusions would not exist because then we would be living in reality.

As human beings that are emotional people, this is what makes us unique, but it has its consequences as well. Being a human being is a responsibility to maintain balance within our emotions and thoughts, I often hear the saying, “think less and feel more”, I used to believe in that saying, until I got a reality check about what that means.

Think less means, you do not use your intelligence and feel more means you react upon your emotions without the thinking process, which is a heavy price to pay. As I study the human thoughts and emotional process, listening to people with their different perceptions of what they think thoughts and emotions means. I found it was interesting to find that a lot of people believe that all these emotions and thoughts come from outside of themselves and from other people.

What I also found was, when we are reacting to any situation without thought, we are complying to the system, we are feeding the system the exact energy in which they know, how we would react. And therefore, it does not matter if the reaction is non-violent, we are creating an energy where violence can and often do occur.

When we react with our emotions, we are not coming up with the solutions to the problems, as we are becoming a part of the problem and not the solution.

For example: I have great respect for protesters i.e. (human beings) but many react with emotions, without the thought process and so when violence does occur from the system, they get the exact reaction from the people that they wanted and that gives the system an excuse to act with brutality. So in reality, we are complying to the system by feeding them this kind of energy, remember everything is energy and so is know thyself, when you know yourself you cannot react upon such games, because you understand that you are solely responsible for your actions and will not be objected to such mind games that this system keeps playing.

As human beings, we must take responsibility for every emotion and reactions we take, because it does have consequences and that energy sent out to the universe and to the earth in that form our reactions, is exactly what is going to be manifested.

We need to think more and feel more, that is balanced, using your intelligence gives us the power to be able to find isolation with intelligence and not on an emotional wave. This is how the system works, they do things to make you react with your emotions to distract you from making any kind of connection to your intelligence.

Everything that the system does and throws at the people is to get you to react and not think, not using your intelligence, they make you comply by giving away your essence every time we react. We must start thinking because when we are thinking we are using our intelligence, when we are thinking we are not complying to the system that expects you to react. When we are thinking we are coming up with ideas, solutions, creating, innovating, and pioneering. This is what the system does not want us to do is to begin to think.

We must learn how to balance our intelligence and being emotional beings, we have still yet to learn who we are as spiritual beings our connection to source and to our mother is where we will regain our intelligence and balance, as long as we continue to react with our emotions we are creating imbalance and this energy then causes the imbalance of the Earth as a cause and effect on every living thing. So, in this case we need to take responsibility for our behavior towards ourselves and others and understand completely that whatever we do and do not has its karma.



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