"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

Sahara Browne

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf


Updated: Jan 19

#UniversalRising #ItsTimeToWakeUp #SpiritualAwareness

The planet from birth has always gone through the natural cycle of evolution, always perfecting herself with such beauty and grace, her waters are ever-changing to suit the needs of all creatures that live on her body, she has always created the abundance so that her creatures can live a healthy and stable life and also so, that they can evolve with her, giving these creatures different experiences to learn and prosper.

This was the same for humans as well, the earth has always provided them with the abundance to share and to live in peace with her creatures and all this abundance of life and health used to create and manifest different experiences so that mankind can grow and prosper and taking the knowledge they receive from Creator and Mother Earth to teach others from afar and share and exchange ideas. This is how the world used to be, mankind used to be the travelers of knowledge and wisdom, the evolving of mankind prospered as they were still connected to the Earth and the Universe.

Somehow a dark mist had blown over their eyes and made them blind, the evolution slowly came to a halt because of this, the blindness that crept upon them, slowly turned mankind from the earth and they began to travel down a different path, although Mother Earth and her creatures called to them and called to them, mankind did not listen as they sought other things to make them happy that was not part of the natural world. And so, this led mankind to disconnect from the earth and so in return, they were disconnected from their souls and all the knowledge that they had slowly disappeared.

Eventually, mankind dropped down from the frequency of the Earth and the Universe, they became deaf, and no longer could they hear the Divine call. Eventually, men turned against their brothers and they turned against the creatures that they used to live among has part of their souls. That is when the wars started and that manifested into other beings coming to earth and saw an opportunity to serve themselves by turning mankind into slaves, where compassion and love no longer was needed, instead mankind turned to greed and they wanted more and more of the planet, fighting over the abundance that the planet produced into ownership instead of sharing the wealth of the planet.

The wars that started long ago was a war of consciousness, pushing mankind into the abyss of lies and deceit and the total destruction of their true selves, now with all this evolution going on back then, mankind found themselves struggling has now they were controlled by these beings that wanted them has their slaves. But that was thousands of years, ago right?

Now in the 21 centuries, we are still being ruled under these same beings that ruled over mankind from long ago, that they genuinely believe that this planet belongs to them. Has our frequency dropped so did the Earth, so many people talk about these fallen angels but what I believe is that mankind is the fall angles that dropped from a higher level of consciousness to a more violent consciousness, mankind that was once peaceful became violent towards their brothers and the Earth, we became probably the most violent race to exist, and in the animal kingdom proves it, as we used to live among these beautiful creatures who never feared us.

Now when mankind comes along a deer or a bird, they can’t wait to get away from us fast enough, I use the animal kingdom because at one time we considered them has family another part of our souls. The evolution of mankind and the Earth has been a struggle because of what happened, our ancient past and outside influences that have caused great pain and suffering for both mankind and the Earth, through this the powers that ruled in the past, have become the tyrants we see today.

As the evolution progressed so has these beings that claim that this planet belongs to them, they have fooled humanity into believing that they are our Gods and all things they say is true and there is no need to question anything, but this evolution that has been occurring is now speeding up and the more we wake up, the more we see how we have treated the planet, and that she is almost to point if nonexistence and this is due to us manifesting our own fears upon Mother Earth, which led this planet to become so sick that we can no longer drink from her or eat from her body that produces all that we need to live a long and happy life, we have become a race of pointing fingers instead of taking our responsibilities for what has happened to her. We came from eating leaves and berries and the occasional meat that was provided to us, too killing everything in sight, this Earth is not even habitable to live on anymore, the air we breathe sucks the life right out us and the planet.

But that is evolution, we must understand the nature of our being and not allow ourselves to fall under the spell of those that want to control us and this planet, the truth of evolution is not fighting with each other but to love each other and ourselves, to find out why we are here and what is our purpose and what is our true nature of being, the evolution we see today is about opening up our hearts and minds to the universe and to plug into this planet and love her once again into existence, she can’t do this by herself and neither can we. The Earth needs us just as we need her, that is the evolution and we are the 7th generation to come into this time to release her from the bondage that has kept her in prison, also we are responsible for the next 7 generations that are already here.

Evolution is taking responsibility as human beings, taking responsibility for the energy that we send out, we are responsible for our actions and how we react to things, we are responsible for the next generation, and getting back to being human beings, with intelligence. Above all, we are supposed to be the caretakers of our mother, and we need to start to become this again, and as caretakers, we are responsible for the energy that we send out to her as it is manifested as we perceive it to be.


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