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"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

Lone Wolf

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf

Everything is Energy

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Our thoughts, our emotions and our words are energy, everything is sent out to the universe and sends a vibration of peace and chaos. This energy does not only affect you, but it affects the consciousness as a collective. Much like a stone being cast into the pond, our energies vibrate like waves extending out to infinity.

As spirit beings, it is our responsibility to make sure that whatever we send out, we are aware of the consequences of our energies. We do not want to be the cause of a vibration that causes an imbalance within the universal consciousness and creates an imbalance within the earth, we must learn to take responsibility for all our actions and reactions. Putting blame onto others for the energy we send out, does not solve the problem but increases the imbalance within yourself and within your surroundings.

All life is energy, and everything is spirit, and all things are connected to the source, (this is the essential meaning of Unity) and so when we are balanced it remains our responsibility to maintain this balance. Balance is a responsibility we carry for ourselves, our Mother and for one another. When we work in cooperation with one another, it becomes every human's responsibility to ensure that they remain balanced and in tune. When you are balanced there is no chaos, wisdom is grown, and the intelligence evolves. We, however, have stopped evolving because we have been imbalanced for an exceptionally long time. We are unable to evolve when we are out of balance. This affects the Earth's process of evolving as well, as everything is connected, and everything is energy.

How we respond to a certain vibration determines everything, therefore we need to work on our thinking and using our intelligence. What do you think would happen if 20 people got together and they started talking? They begin to use their intelligence and they are bringing a certain vibration that cannot be manipulated, they start to figure things out, coming out with ideas, using their creative thoughts to find solutions.

Only when you are using your intelligence can one find real solutions (unlike governments). Then you can find the right type of actions needed to manifest those solutions. In this way you are taking responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and emotions, you also take responsibility as a collective, people catch on when just a few people are thinking for themselves and using their intelligence to do it. The vibration raises itself and flows through the universe and creates increased balance.

For example, if I am living in Texas and I am connected to the earth which means I am balanced, the next town is having an earthquake and the people that live in the next town are imbalanced and so half of the people perish and in the meanwhile the earth is getting rid of the energy but, I am not touched by her upheaval, why do you think that is? If you are balanced you are not in fear, you are embracing the storm and therefore I am still there, while the people are perishing because they are in fear.

Everything is about energy, we create what we want to attract to the experience, that is the bottom line and whatever we create that is what is going to be manifested. It takes one person that is imbalanced, to wipe out an entire town, and so therefore if one person has that kind of power, what does that mean for us?

We have power, we are intelligent beings if one person's reaction to their emotions can wipe out an entire town, imagine what one person can do when they are thinking and using their intelligence instead of reacting to their emotions.

As an activist for numerous years, I have seen power when people are using their intelligence and I have seen power when people are reacting upon their emotions, which tells me that we are not doing something right. There is something that we are not understanding about ourselves, we all need to sit down and take a good look into our souls and find out what we are not understanding.

This lack of understanding about ourselves ensures we continue to comply with the system and the system will continue to use our power against us. Therefore, we need to take the time within ourselves to figure out, we are still very much imbalanced and that needs to change, we are still very much in the blame game and not willing to take full responsibility for our part. I find that this is the problem, no one wants to take responsibility for themselves, and that is why the system will continue to get away with what they are doing. We need to change how we think of ourselves before we can change anything else.

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