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"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

Lone Wolf

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf

Emotional Energy - Part 2

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How Can Emotional Energy Be A Good Thing?

Emotional energy can be a good thing when we can identify our emotional state. We can always turn any negative emotions into a positive, such as learning from our mistakes. It can allow us to become more aware of other dangers out there and within ourselves as beings with a lot of emotions, it allows us to have heartfelt compassion and knowing that others might be suffering more than you. This type of emotional energy can awaken you and see you, as you really are and accept things that you cannot change but fight like hell for the things you can change. It is realizing that you cannot control everything or the outcome of any situation, but you can control yourself and keep that control as being the sacred part of who you are. It is a matter of perception as to what you want to see and feel.

Sometimes emotional energy can allow you to see what is on the other side of the curtains, but most importantly emotional energy lets you see the truth, that cannot be denied. Sometimes this energy can help you reconnect yourself to a reality that is important and the little things that people take for granted, you begin to appreciate this. It gives you an appreciation for life and what life has given you and what life has taught you. Even though you might not be the richest person in the world, life gives you more than what money cannot buy you.

This is the most important thing about emotional energy is you can no longer deny your essence and that this energy is a part of you, all the good and all the bad, it is a part of you. Just like the earth was created of light and dark matter, we are created from the same beautiful light sources. That should be something that should not fear we, only to be embraced and respected. These energies are not meant to be turned off, it is meant to evolve with true understanding and appreciation.

Balance is the secret to all life, and it is to be understood that darkness and light cannot live without each other, like the sun and the moon, they both need each other to survive. I have had to learn the hard way and had to relearn this lesson a million times over, that you get nowhere when you are denying your true nature. However, now people ask me who I am, I tell them this, I am made of light and dark energy and as I am honest, I’ m also conniving, and I have no shame in telling people this because I see all aspects of myself as a beautiful sacred gift.

The real danger, however, in the not knowing who you are and what you are capable of, I know within myself that I am not a violent person, but I do not deny that if a situation arises, I can be the most violent person you will ever see, I can own this about myself, and therefore if I can own this truth, that there is no room for blaming anyone else for the actions I took. That dear one is knowing who you are and all your emotional traits it is awfully hard for someone to control you and manipulate you into giving your essence away because the moment you figure out who you are and embrace yourself, you will know who they are. So, there is good in being an emotional being, you must learn it, honor it, and not deny yourself of your true state nature and a true state of being.

Steps to Take Identifying to Identifying Your Emotional Energy

There is no easy way to identify your emotional energy, it is difficult to recognize them when you have spent so long without any knowledge of what your emotional energy is. However, it can be done, and I am going to give you some steps to take to start out with.

JOURNAL - I cannot tell people enough how crucial this is keeping a journal and keeping track of your daily thoughts and emotions is by far one of the most powerful tools that I cannot stress enough. Keeping a journal allows you to see with your own eyes what you were feeling with whatever the situation is.

Keeping a journal is one of the major parts of identifying what your emotions are, why you are feeling the way you are and how there can be a solution to whatever you may have been feeling and thinking. Keeping a journal, you are taking the first step into becoming aware of what your energies are, the effects and you will be surprised by the answers you will discover, from your own selves.

CHECKING IN WITH YOURSELF - Checking in with yourself regularly is important. It allows you to keep yourself aware of the energy you are giving off and receiving. Check in with yourself not just when you are feeling bad but also when you are feeling good asking yourself questions about how you are feeling. This allows you to keep in control of yourself, also it is a great way to get to know yourself.

MEDITATION & PRAYER - Remember you are in control of what you will allow into your sacred space and what type of energy you are putting out there. Being in a constant state of prayer and meditation allows you to create a higher state of balance, also it helps your mind to stay clear and coherent. Having a still mind can open doors that are filled with peace. Becoming aware of your energies requires self-discipline and responsibility of knowing that whatever energy you are giving off you are responsible for the effects.

You will also be able to resist all energies that will try to steer you down the wrong path. If nothing else makes sense and you feel that you are losing your way, take yourself for a long walk and get out into nature and let the Universe and the Great Mother speak to you. Learning your emotional state is extremely difficult because you will have to face a lot of truths about yourself and the truth about the world, we are living in that is always trying to influence you. You do have a choice to comply with the influences or to resist any energies that make you feel less about yourself.

Becoming connected with nature, you are telling the universe and the great mother that you need their help and guidance, and I must tell you that nature, she does come through if you allow the great mother to help. These are just some of the steps I have learned from others and it really does work, but it requires a lot of work on yourself.



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