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"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

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"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

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Emotional Energy - Part 1

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Think of emotions as being in a balloon and when it gets popped, this burst of energy can generate more power than what our minds are equipped to deal with. Emotional energy is a power beyond our own understanding, but the more I have studied the effects the more I realized the significance and great importance is we understand how this type of energy works.

Emotional energy is like a tidal wave, above all this energy is by far the most powerful state of energy. When we get upset for example, we tend to become disillusioned, almost disoriented and all common sense goes out the window. Whatever the emotion is at the time, we send a burst of energy that can be felt and most often seen.

When we are happy and experiencing joy, it can feel like bliss and people can see this and feel it. There is a glow that is manifested throughout your entire body and others can see this as well. When you are feeling down and anger grows, it begins to change the frequency levels that you, yourself may not be aware of. That is what disillusioned means, not being aware of the energy that you are giving off.

Emotional energy is extremely powerful, and it can cause a chain of reactions that you might not be able to control. When we lose control of ourselves and the thinking process is unclear this is when the emotional energy starts to kick in and often overrides any kind of thinking process to take place. For example, when a person is in an emotional state, sometimes that emotional state can become violent either harming someone else or themselves. In this high state of emotional distress makes a person extremely unpredictable.

Emotional energy is not often talked about or even thought of when it comes to a person’s spiritual state of being. It does not matter how spiritual you are or how conscious you think you are; we all have this emotional energy that can be triggered at any given time, it is a matter of how you react to the situation when it may arise.

Emotional Danger

When we are unaware of our emotions it leaves a door open where any kind of energy that is not of your own can come in. Emotional energies lead to karma and laws of attractions. What you put out, you will get back in return, what goes around, comes around. These are the emotional energy that attracts all kinds of energies that is still unknown to man. Remember that we live in a spirit world and there are those that do feed on certain energies.

Emotional energy can be extremely dangerous, this is how people can be used and it may seem they have power over another is free will. When we are not aware of our emotional state and how our energy works, we can become a weapon of mass destruction. Yes, sounds a bit out, there right. We are the mass destruction when we do not know what our emotions are or where it is coming from, and if we do not know how to control them in the right way, then someone else will come in and use that energy in the means of controlling you. I am going to give you an example.

When a person is in the military, the first thing they are taught is not to feel or think, just do, and do not ask. That is the first step into breaking someone down so that they can be controlled. When this being taught repeatedly, eventually that emotional being is gone and the thinking process is no longer their own. Their emotional state is no longer their own, how else do you create a perfect weapon of mass destruction? The ones that cannot feel or think and do not have the ability to identify their own energies. I choose a soldier because they are the perfect example of what a spiritual genocide looks like, and they are the perfect example of what the dangers are when someone stripes your essence away and you are no longer a human being and nothing more than a machine.

A person without their soul is much easier to control, however after a while the emotional stages starts to creep in and no one as the power of totally stripping away your conscious, eventually it will come back and when the emotional state as awakened, these energies go into a downward spiral and they have no control over themselves, not long enough to think things through.

Well, this type of energy we also have within us as well, I know you may say no way, that is not true, but the fact is and the reality is, this is true for all of us. If we cannot identify our true nature and essence, then we really do not know what we are capable of.

This type of energy sends fear and fear is a disease that spreads like stage four cancer when the mind is diseased there is really no cure for it and there is no pill you can take to fix it. You must be willing to give up everything and fight for your life to regain your power back. Emotions are so powerful that we ourselves cannot even comprehend just how dangerous it can really become and it can affect everything living soul, it is a power that can reach so far off this planet.

Danger Signs

Your Emotional State: When you are finding yourself in a situation where your emotional state is being attacked, it is best to walk away, but if you cannot walk away stay firmly within yourself and become silent,

Any reaction that comes out of you of any kind, gives the other person the satisfaction of making you lose control. There are lots of people that feed off other energies, while we know this fact, it is important to know that you are in control of yourself and when you realize this, the situation you are in becomes less important. You will understand that protecting your spirit will become the number one priority, eventually the other person will see that they cannot get inside your head, they will eventually move on.

The danger signs are the responsibility of both parties and it is up to that person that is being emotionally attacked to stay in control and not react to what the other person might be saying. If at anytime that person, becomes violent, you have the right to defend and protect yourself.

The emotional state of yourself becomes a choice, what you choose to do with your emotions is up to you, but if you react in any way the consequences can be a deadly mistake that you might not be able to get yourself out from.

Feeling Uneasy: We all have had this feeling, either feeling uneasy by someone else or from ourselves. Before you react to these uneasy feelings, this would be a good time to take yourself on a long walk, or take yourself to a quiet place and figure out where these energies are coming from, if you cannot find these answers try writing it down,

Any uneasy feelings should be checked out very carefully. Here is the reason why, sometimes the uneasiness energy can be coming from you or from another source, and you do not want to create any sudden reactions before your figure out what is making you feel uneasy in the first place.

Thinking things through clearly and coherently and investigating where this energy is coming from will allow you to find out the intelligent way of how to deal with whatever the situation is. Whether the energy is coming from you or not, it needs to be checked, because if you just react, the other person that might be making you feel this way, may have a sudden reaction that you would not expect. Also, about yourself, if you are not checking in with yourself and find out what is going on, you, yourself might react in a way that you would never think you would.

Remember that energy flows and does leave a profound impact, it may not affect your life but, it might affect someone else’s. These are just some of the signs that you can be aware of, and remember you are in control of your energies and what you put out can harm someone else and including yourself.



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