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Sahara Browne

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf

Earth Awakening

Updated: Mar 8

The Earth has awakened and she is taking control, air, water and fire, that is what the earth is demonstrating, her power is far greater than ours. People think they can use her and abuse her and make all she holds dear sick with diseases, I think mother earth is now showing her true self just how disgusted and angry she is. Starvation, disease, drought, fires, storms from her oceans, volcanoes erupting, from the earthquakes swallowing us whole. I think she is now showing her true colors and her anger is as hot as fire, all the destruction that is being created, long did you know that this will be your end. When you poison the air you breathe that life is a life that she will take from you. When you take a life from the earth that is how many lives she will take from you.

People seem to believe that the earth will continue to provide what you need to survive and that she has plenty of materials to harvest from her. But what you do not know, how loving mother earth can be, she too is a killer and in her own way, she can get rid of the radiation if she should choose too. All the while the corporations have everything under control, only to find out that you cannot control this planet. It is funny that people assume that they can just sell her like a prostitute for money. They seem to forget that she killed off many, many civilizations and has killed off billions of unwanted species before.

I find it amusing, however, that people will come together only when there is a crisis and yet they can’t seem to come together just because that is how it is supposed to be. I don’t have a full understanding of such a thing, it’s quite hypocritical of people to say that they support each other and hold a gun to their backs at the same time. But whenever there is a crisis that is when humanity shows humility for one another what a sad world we live in.

The earth is teaching the world some valuable lessons of how she should be treated and how we treat each other, how can we say that we are awakened when we forget those that are suffering and how can we say that we love when we can’t even find the meaning of what love really is, we can’t love anything because we continue to spread our hatred. We live in a world that is filled with hypocrites that say one thing and do another.

The earth has awakened and there are nothing and no one that has the power to stop her now, this to me is a good thing, as she has to do what needs to be done in order to save herself and those that are devoted to her. There are many beings like myself that will stop at nothing to make sure that mother earth succeeds at whatever cost there is. My question is, what do you think would happen when the assaults on the earth continue? How long do you think the Earth will take the amount of abuse before she lashes out? People should not be surprised about what has been happening with all the storms, it’s only a matter of time before she really lashes out, and there will be nowhere to run or hide.

The People have warned humanity of this very catastrophe and yet they still do not listen, but when the water is gone and your children look to you for answers as to why, you didn’t give a shit about them to fight for them, then maybe, humanity will awaken. But by then our very own children will become our enemies because we did nothing to preserve something for them.

We live because our mother allows us to live, we still live because she still wants us to be here, there is a greater lesson that is being taught. I am not the one that would give you that answer, that would be up to you to find that out, if karma should ever show herself to you, you better be ready with an answer. The earth is awake and it is a beautiful thing and one day, in a moment in time she will turn herself inside out and she will be whole once again.

It’s important now more than ever to reconnect to our mother, and know our place within her and the universe, to understand that we are children and that we are being taught a lesson that we will never forget, and we won’t forget because our children will never forget. What we do and don’t do from here on out will determine our fate not the planet’s fate but of our own.

If we truly value life in a sacred way, you will know that it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is or what or whom you believe in, we all have one thing in common and that is we are all going to suffer the same fate. Like many moons ago when mother earth sank several civilizations before, we are not invincible. The earth has time to heal itself and in fact, she has all the time in the world to heal herself, we do not have that luxury and time is not on our side.

We need to change our ways, our way of life, the earth can give you everything you need but we are killing everything that we need to survive here. The way we interact with each other is disgusting and it is us that will pay for it, our children are watching everything and our fate here on this planet is in their hands. This is not our planet and we do not have the right to destroy it. The planet is the birthright of our children and we are destroying everything that they will need to sustain a healthy life.

We are selfish when fighting about things that do not matter, we put stupidity in front of our children and their home ( planet earth). That we will pay for, we fight for health care, but meanwhile, we are sick because the planet is sick. Beings of different races and species have lived here for billions of years and yet they still live here why do you think that is? Because the earth has everything to heal the sickness. But we are taking and taking to the point that we are killing ourselves, our children and their children.

Great Mother has awakened and she is fighting back and she is taking lives and destroying all that is sacred within because we do not have the right to be here, not anymore. Our children are the all-seeing eye and they are watching their home being destroyed by the very people they are supposed to trust to protect them. Soon we will have to answer to them and what are you going to say to your children?



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