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"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

Lone Wolf

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf

Consciousness Awareness

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Consciousness energy is a flow of energy that has its own intelligence, it is connected to all life; our consciousness is part of the universe and part of the earth. Whenever there is any kind of shift, in the universe and the planet there is also a shift of consciousness. Consciousness does not only come from the mind, but that is also only 50%. There is a difference between waking up and being awakened.

Consciousness Awakening (50% is the Mind)

When you are beginning to wake up, you are waking up in a confused state, sometimes when a person is just waking up, they might not know where they are, or be aware of what is going on, and in some cases, they might wake up and not even know what century they are in. There are different types of sleep states, not everyone is in the same sleep state as anyone else. Some rare case a person will wake up from a deep sleep as if they were being born for the first time, we call these people the enlightened ones as the wise ones stay hidden for a greater purpose and it is these people that have not but tainted from the world. So, there are many types of sleep states.

Being conscious does not mean you are fully awakened, that is farthest from the truth, consciousness means you are beginning of an evolution and a long process of the awakening. The journey is long and harsh because you are figuring out what is going on, you are beginning to learn about the world around you, what happened and what is happening, you might be going through the process of denial, shock, anger, and confusion.

This awakening is harsh and at times is very scary especially if someone is waking up not knowing what century they are in or where they are. At this time, the mind is very delicate because there are a lot of emotions flowing through all at once and at these powerful stats, as the mind can be beautiful, this is where the real dangers begin. When someone is just waking up, they are the most dangerous beings to walk the earth, because they are waking up with such shock, of what is happening around and to them. I am going to give an example.

If the mind has suffered a traumatic event throughout the person’s lifetime, the mind begins to shut down. It is almost as if the brain is protecting you from such traumatic memories this is when the mind will suppress these events. This is what happens when a person is falling asleep and, in most cases, this happening when someone is at the very beginning of any kind of consciousness disconnection, the mind is fighting to keep whatever traumatizing event from coming to the surface. This is called turning off your humanity switch.

The mind is of greater intelligence, it is universal and very ancient and if the mind is being attacked, the brain tends to separate from itself from the emotional state of your heart. Therefore, when the mind is separated from the emotional heart, for a long time, the brain is shutting down and it is through this shutting down that the walls begin to build within the mind. (The Matrix is the Wall), and within these walls, the mind begins to create itself a whole new identity, we say this is the ego mind. In some cases when the mind does this creating whole new identities this is called MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder and other mental disorders, what science has demonized this a person is sick in the head, the fact is, the person that is experiencing this, is consciously falling from grace and the mind is beginning to sleep.

The mind is universal by nature, sometimes the universe let us this happen because the person is not ready to deal with such an emotional event. So, the mind sleeps. Either this is a good or bad thing, and we cannot fully determine what the universal mind is like. What I can tell you, however, is that scientists know this, trust me people with such universal minds have always been a great interest to the governments. Unfortunately, other forces come in and the opportunity to use these specific people for the games. This is a fact.

So, when a person is beginning to wake up, these events sometimes come in flashes, and while you are having these flashbacks your mind is fighting you and the universe every step of the way to keeping those walls up. Now I want to give you another example.

I want you to think of your brain has your television and you can use the remote to change realities every day, but if your mind has experienced any kind of trauma, that channel has been playing the same channel. Now, when you are just waking up, you are starting to change the channel and your mind being asleep for so long, that it has grown many identities over time, it will fight you to stop changing the channel, to find out the truth.

I now want you to think of your mind has the volume and just like your television you can turn up the volume or turn it down. Now, remember your brain has been sleeping for an exceptionally long time and your brain has had a certain frequency level going when you are waking up. You are not only changing the channel (reality), but you are now changing the volume (frequency) to a different tune. Again, your mind will fight you on this as well, remember that your mind is extremely intelligent and it is universal and when your mind has been a suppressor for a long time, any kind of changes to the volume means that your mind is receiving a light force that has not received in a very long time, in fact you can’t even remember what this light force is and your mind thinks it's being attacked and changing the volume and channel the communications your mind is receiving seems foreign to the mind.

Now, I want you to think your mind has a light switch in which you shut it off or on; when the universe says it is time to wake up, the universe will begin to turn on the light, you are telling your brain that it is time to wake up and reconnect. This does not happen overnight of course, and this is where the great struggle from within really begins awakening all parts of you and your mind is fighting you. This is when the Buddha says, “You cannot stop the wars from outside of you until you stop warring within yourself.”

This is the great struggle that everyone is going through, it is the struggle from within and when the mind is aware of what is happening the mind thinks it is being attacked again and when we are not aware of these situations this type of intelligence flows from within and without. This energy can become extremely dangerous and violent, when the energies are high in the manner, it is manifested throughout the world around you. So, while you are warring with yourself, outside of yourself there is great violence that is being manifest yet, you did not have to lift a gun or your fist, because your mind is creating the violence into reality.

This should have you questioning about the world we are living in, these are extremely dangerous times, and have you asked yourself why? This is complex, but it is not that complex that we cannot figure out what is really going on.

Sub-Consciousness Awakened (50% is the Heart)

Your heart is a spirit, which is connected to all life forces on earth and through the vastness of space. The heart is the source of all creation and the heart only knows the truth, you cannot manipulate it or trick it. The heart sees what the mind cannot, this is what the mind suppresses whenever there is any kind of trauma, it does seem that the mind wants to protect the heart from any further trauma, but the mind can become its own and becomes the oppressor which is caused out of control behavior.

This is also the 50% of DNA that science has been telling the world forever is junk DNA. The heart is a living breathing organism, an exact replica of the earth's own beating heart, the heart like the brain is filled with so much intelligence its why science does not want you to know.

In Ancient Egyptian times when a person dies, they take everything out of the vessel except the heart why do you think that is? Well, they knew that the heart is the center for all life’s creation, they knew that the heart is spirit the soul that is the driving force of all life, they also knew that the heart is energy and only energy and with this knowledge they knew that saving the heart in the body that spirit has a chance in the afterlife to create itself once again. And we all know that they knew and believed in reincarnation.

Now you may wonder what in the world did they do with the brain so it was not needed so they would throw that in the garbage, it is best that the soul can start over with a clean mind when the soul was ready to come back.

Reincarnation in many cultures is very real and although they persevered different things one thing that was universally understood as the heart is the god spark in which all life and nature can recreate again and again. With the brain gone the soul has a fighting chance to create a new reality of peace, this is also part of evolution, (out with the old, in with the new).

In nature when you examine a flower blooming the center always blooms first, then the petals begin to grow out of the center, this how the heart works, like within all creation the heart is the center, like the milky way, sits in the center of the universe. The heart is magnificent do not you think.

The cycle of life begins with the tree beings first the seeds of trees the heart is the god spark of creation and as the tree cycles of life, from birth, death and rebirth as do we and all lives here. The point is that this is universal knowledge is that 50% that science tells us is Junk and there is no life after death and that life does not start until the brain is developed, but that is simply not true the true seed of all consciousness and of all creation begins with the beating of the heart and these are the laws within nature and the natural course in which nature creates.

So now, you understand that one cannot be truly awakened if the heart and mind are separated. Like our ancestors, all know and understand this profound universal truth and how this sacred knowledge will be for the future. Science cannot change how the universe works nor can they recreate something so profound and birthed into perfection. Those that are awakened in this manner have the responsibility to be the example by showing through demonstration of heartfelt compassion and to guide those that are waking up.

Steps to Becoming Awakened

TRUTH - During the awakening process and it is a long one, you must decide if you want to take the journey, the journey of self-discovery, this is a very hard decision and it will take time to decide this, because it means that you will eventually have to let go of all attachments, letting go of yourself of everyone around you. The hardest part and the biggest part are letting go of a life that you no longer fit into. When the universe comes calling on you this is the choice you must make. I call this truth because if you decide to let go of everything and let the universe speak, you will have to deal with truth always.

There will be no middle ground for denial, you will have to face the truth about yourself, your lives, and the lives you have lived, while you were sleeping, and I must tell you from my own experience this is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. If you decide to wake up. When you decide to make this decision of waking up, there is a lot of karma that you will find yourself in, but this is okay because you are dealing with the truth. Now, there are a lot of people that cannot handle the truth, now it is not the truth about the outside world, it is the profound truth that is within you. I have got to be honest with you, the reality and nature of the awakening process can be brutal, you will learn that there is no denying yourself the truth.

A lot of people say the awakening process is a beautiful thing and it is but let us not get confused between the reality of evolution and the illusion of it. It is hard and painful, there is nothing easy about it, but that is a decision you will have to make for yourself.

Awakening is a personal and intimate decision you make between your mother earth and the creator. The universe does not allow this decision to become part of a family thing. That is where the letting go gets hard because the universe usually does not allow anyone to come with you on your journey especially when you have just decided to take that journey. It is not allowed because of others' influence.

Once you decide to do this, there is no going back, as those bridges will burn as you begin the long walk. Remember this is about yourself discovery, the truth you will find about yourself.

ACCEPTANCE - This I found for myself exceedingly difficult for me to do, accepting who I am and how I was created and what I was created to become. It was awfully hard for me to accept the things that I have done and the pain that I have caused and accepting the things I could not change. Accepting that yes, I am created from light and dark and understanding that it is who I am. These are the things that I know that you will have a hard time accepting as well, but to be truly awakened you must understand your true state of being and all its essence. The connection you have within yourself and the universe is one. Let it be light or let it be the darkness that everyone has. When you are looking at this in-depth truth about yourself there will be no room for denial and self-doubt to exist. You may ask what is it that I am accepting?

You are accepting your essence, that yes, you are light and love and yes you dark as well and accepting this, you are telling your brain and heart that you accept all your spirits. Eventually, you will see both as a beautiful source of light, the true-life force that makes you who you are. You cannot be awakened if your vessel is here, your mind is wondering and your heart is asleep, that is not how the universe works. There is no middle ground with the universe, your decision to take the journey will become something like this. You either want to wake up or you do not.

FORGIVENESS - Now, there are two kinds of forgiveness, the one I am going to talk about first is self-forgiveness. This is a challenge I think that everyone faces when you find out what you have done while you were sleeping. Forgiving yourself is important. Forgiving yourself is telling the universe that you are taking responsibility for your own energies and that you are almost ready to take the next journey towards healing. You are understanding Karma a lot better and instead of casting Karma's a bitch, you will find out that Karma is your best friend. Let me explain that a little more.

Karma is the dark side of the earth, the other half that we see and experience every day. The hell you may be going through comes from yourself and that is what attracts Karma, she comes out of hiding and plays games with your emotions and mind. However, what Karma is really doing is forcing you to look at yourself and the actions you are committing, karma through her many torments, she is teaching you the greatest lessons about the mistakes you made and what can and will happen if you do not change your behavior.

Forgiving yourself allows you to come to terms with your own life events, it allows you to see the truth about who you are and what you can become, also forgiveness allows you to see and understand that there are other forces at work. Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, it is demonstrating an energy that is powerful and tells the universe that you are strong and that even though you are standing alone, you are still standing with your own truth.

Now let us talk about the forgiveness of others, this is a real tough one I know, so do not worry you are not alone in this forgiveness. Forgiving someone that has done something to you is, about not allowing their actions to become a part of your life. Forgiving someone is not for them, it is for yourself because you do not want to become like them, holding grudges is a waste of energy and at the end will do you more harm than good.

It took me a long time to understand this because like anyone else, forgiving someone that has caused you pain is not easy. Then I figured it out that forgiving someone means that you are taking your control back from them. It allows you to see the brighter side of things. You start to understand that energy is precious too precious to be giving away on hate and anger. Forgiving is letting that all go and moving forward. Yes, there are some things that are unforgivable but, is it? Who does its harm? Them or you? At the end of the day, you are only hurting yourself.

HEALING - The road to healing is an awfully long road, maybe another lifetime before you can fully heal from all your life traumas. You cannot rush this road. This is a road that you will find that you are not alone and that you have never been alone, you may also find others that are walking the path of healing. The road to healing is the complete understanding of all the layers of your energies. This is where you will have to come face to face with your other half and this is when true forgiveness happens, letting go and acceptance begins.

On this road, you are within the knowledge of yourself and you are aware of your energies and of others. During this long process, your self-determination has completely changed and on this road, you understand that there is no middle ground and that you are ready to see the full glass. Those that you meet, you will have a hard time communicating with because they are not vibrating at the same level as you are now. You are in complete control of yourself and you are building yourself into a resistance. This is what the healing road is about, building a resistance of no disturbance and you are not going to allow anyone to get in the way of your journey.

The road to healing is not always a peaceful one, but the difference is now you have the knowledge and the wisdom to see reality for what it really is. Whatever you are learning while you are on this journey you will only share it with a handful of people, as you now understand that knowledge is sacred, and you are part of that sacredness as well.

I cannot tell you how your journey is going to be, as everyone's experiences through their lives are different, but I can tell you that these three steps are the most crucial steps. It is not easy, and I do not want to sugar coat anything, I want to give you honesty and truth, but at the end of the day it is you and only you that must decide to wake up or not.


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