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Butterfly Effect

Updated: Mar 8

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The mind is a powerful tool that is transformed into manifestations of reality but also can be used as a weapon if manipulated. Like the butterfly, how is it that they know which way to migrate and all generations follow the same pattern? They follow the consciousness pattern called vibrations and frequencies, much like the human brain, it too follows the vibrations and frequencies, how does this relate to thought? Stored information that is needed in the DNA, thought patterns of consciousness that have been passed down from generation to generation.

I call this the Butterfly Effect, thoughts carry a wave of energy that is decoded through the DNA structure, if the butterflies can follow these types of energy, and then they are able to find their way home. With this kind of intelligence of the butterfly storing information to their offspring, generation after generation, can it be possible that this kind of seeding is planted into human genetic DNA?

The answer is yes!

The human mind is like the butterfly, it can change and alter the DNA structure, to either store information or keep the information from the next generation. The difference between us and nature is that we forgot how to connect ourselves with all our senses. The human mind has been a long-time mystery, of how the brain is supposed to function, that is because we use only 5% of our brain and the 95% we are told is junk and so it’s left untouched.

Like the butterflies, we too respond to vibrations and frequencies, when we hear a high frequency, our brain waves response is higher and we start to feel good, we start feeling happy and a need for more information to boost up that frequency and vibrations, the information that we are receiving at the time is incredible that the need to seek more becomes a mission to find out more truths.

When we hear low frequencies and vibrations (white noise) I like to call it, our brain waves response is confusion, fear and self-doubt, we feel the need to defend ourselves in a negative manner, the way we start to feel about ourselves and the people around us becomes very negative.

So, what does this have to do with the mind & thoughts?

What we think of ourselves and others in our quiet time sends out energy and what our thoughts are is manifested, this seeds itself for the next generations. If one person filled their hearts and minds with hate and fear, then that alters the mind to reproduce such energy of vibrations and frequency to manifest.

I was told by an Elder, “fear a disease it can contaminate an entire village the energy travels and it is felt. It takes one person that is in a state of fear to kill the entire village and still yet that energy is felt through the earth and she too well manifest that energy elsewhere and in the meantime that person that had just killed his or her entire village also cause suffering elsewhere”.

In this case, in order to sustain such negative energy and pass it on, you have to play the same station, like the television you can change to reality with just a click of a button but the same frequency level is still playing, well that’s the same with the mind.

What we think and feel matters, it’s energy, a vibration that flows through the channels and it affects everything and everywhere, from near and far, with thoughts comes manifestation, however our thoughts are either be love or hate it will affect you and the entire world around you, when one suffers we all suffer, but if you love and have a heartfelt compassion, we talk about alternative energy well, we are it, and we are being mined for it, everything is energy, whenever our thoughts are it is energy that is sent out and is manifested.

This is the base of our being our human power as a spiritual being when we form our thoughts by thinking it vibrates on a level of intelligence that creates balance and cause a butterfly effect. We need to start accepting ourselves as beautiful human beings, with spirit, essence and intelligence, we are unique that is for sure, but the more we do not take responsibility for our being human, the more we will continue to be in a box of limitations.



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