"The moment when you embrace all of your essence, that's the moment you free yourself from the shackles that held you down."

Sahara Browne

"Love is the ultimate force. Through love comes unity, through unity comes family. there cannot be higher power than this. Love gives you freedom.

Lone Wolf


Updated: Mar 31

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Balance is everything to becoming aware of your energies and other energies out there and around you, it is maintaining the highest level of vibrations, frequencies, and consciousness, it is bringing all your energies together in one singular energy, being able to utilize that power in a responsible way. When you are not balanced all your energies are in great chaos and the world around becomes chaotic, balancing your energies and learning how to do this, you would have to have complete connection to the earth and to the stars, moon, and planets, and have complete faith in the path that has been laid out for you by the Creator. When you are balanced, the earth will become balanced and with the earth becomes balanced you will find out all that you want and need to know about life and the spiritual way of living here in the right way.

However, it is extremely hard to maintain balance when the world is turned upside down and the emotions that you have about what is happening can become overwhelming. This is no easy task but because the world is in chaos there is an opportunity for growth, this is where you will find warriors, creators, dreamers, thinkers, innovators, pioneers at their best, spirit beings come forward and create and to stabilize the earth through our energies. This is how the great mother works, think of her as a ship and only we can drive her through time and space and through all our energies this is what moves her. Balance is the key to all life that wishes to survive here, it brings inner peace to the duality, it brings inner peace throughout all kingdoms here and throughout the vastness of space.

When you are balanced you are sending out an extremely powerful message of resistance that not only can be felt but also can be seen. You are also sending a message that you will not be moved and that your will cannot be bent, and your faith will not be broken and that you will not bow to any kind of energies that do not serve you, and all sacred beings. When you are in complete balance you are telling the universe that you are here, and you are listening, that you have both feet planted into the earth’s womb and that your head is reaching towards the skies. You are unable to be broken and shaken and as you grow within your branches that light will grow outwards and those branches will not bend to the will of any source of energy.

Balance is not meditating 5 mins a day, its constant state being, it is the moment you wake up, all day and when you sleep you are still in that constant state of being. That is what balance is, its constant like energy is a constant source, it knows exactly who you are without question, as spirit beings and when you are in complete balance there is extraordinarily little energy that can penetrate your inner and outer power, the only way that power can be penetrated is if you let them in.

Can you imagine if the whole world stopped protesting and all the noise has become still, and the whole world is in a constant state of prayer? Can you imagine the kind of balance that would create? Can you imagine how fast it would change the entire planet? Just imagine it! This is what balance is, a constant state of being, a constant state of prayer, no matter what you are doing during the day it is there because you are in that higher state of consciousness. Now that’s power!

Spiritual energies come from the balance you cannot have it any other way, just like you cannot banish the darkness any more than you cannot banish the moon. It is all about a balance that is within you and what is within you that is what you will experience. Spirituality is the essence of all life, there is not a rock, blade of grass to the grain of sand that does not have spirit. This is the beauty of life, truly it is. It is the complete sacredness of which all life shares without contempt and without expectations. It is said that there are many spirits that live within one body, that is because we as spiritual beings have lived many lives, although this might seem like a forgotten knowledge, this surely is not a lost knowledge.

Throughout all the landscapes hold our essence, our DNA is from every life and every life form. From the moment that the earth and sun give birth to us and when we draw in our first breath the beauty of all is sacred comes with being one with all life. Our essence is in everything and everywhere from the beginning of time and time before, just like the sun, the moon, the stars, and the great mother their essence is us. Life in all forms is what keeps this planet alive. We are not as important as the earth and that is a spiritual knowledge as she does not need us to survive, but we are important as to what happens to her and that is the responsibilities, we all must share.

All energies share the same circle of life, yes even the dark energies, share within the great circle of life when we are not denying our true nature and state of being, we shall see that we too are made up of all the same energies. When all the energies are balanced, we can see more clearly and into the all-knowing and this type of intelligence will tell you that it is impossible to live without all our essences.

When you are connected in this way, you will see what true beauty looks and feels like, it is how you manage these energies that can have consequences, or you can allow it to evolve into something beautiful.

Being balanced and living a spiritual life is not about living a high free life, it is a great responsibility that you have now as a conscious being, it is about being and knowing that you are completely responsible for your own energies and the consequences that may arise if it is used in the wrong way. It is also your own responsibility to be completely aware of yourself and what you put out there.

Spiritual energy is not always filled with light, when you are completely balanced you will see this truth, it is also filled with dark energies because that is what all life is as well, the difference is, however, there is a balance between the two forces and both forces understand each other. Spiritual energy is not about being ignorant about the other parts or yourself or about life, in general, it is about embracing all energies with respect and love.

I for one, know firsthand the dark side of myself and other forces, and it took me lifetimes to come to terms with the fact that no matter what I did to fight there was no winning because every time I would something would happen worse than the last time. Karma is the bigger player in just about all forces that are dark and of light and she plays it like a fiddle of both sides. Sometimes it can seem like a force from hell but when I stop fighting against the waves, the only hell I saw was the one that I was creating for myself and that hell would spread out to others.

At the end of the day, that was my own responsibility and I had no one else to blame. When you are balanced, things that you have done in the past tend to come to light, and these are the things that shake people to their core. And really, it is not about blame, it is about taking and owning your own mistakes, no you might not be able to fix it, but you can learn from them and teach that wisdom to someone else.

The reality is however, there is no light and no dark there is just one source, and you decide what you want to do with that source of creation, that is your free will to chose to use the source of creation in the right way or to use that source of creation in the wrong way, you create what you want to experience always, and whatever the outcome is either good or bad it's yours to bare only you are responsible for how you use it.

When you are on your spiritual journey of self-discovery you will see this universal truth and knowledge and that everything about you, like everything around you, is sacred; it is how you use that sacredness that really matters.


Letting go of all attachments and letting go of everything from the outside world, letting of your entire life and reconnect yourself to your inner worlds, your spirits, your souls that is your essence. Reconnecting to the earth becomes one with all that is, you are not a part of anything or anyone you are one with everything and everyone and everything and everyone is you.

Pay attention to the universe as the universe is your mind and your mind is the universe. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving from this source and be in a constant state of prayer, all the time, every second of every day be the consciousness, become it and become one with all sources.

Through this kind of connection brings you into the state of complete balance, balance is the reality of truth, you walk, talk, breath and sleep within the reality of truth, it's not all roses and rainbows when you are in this constant state you are not supposed to ignore or be ignorant about life and issues, being in this state of being doesn’t mean that you are better than anyone else and that you deny your responsibilities to the planet. No, you are not responsible for other actions, but you are responsible for showing them that there is another way and that there is more to this life than what we were taught. And no, being in a state of being does not mean that you bash them and abuse others that are not at your level, it means that those that are not ready leave a trail of light behind, to have faith that one day they will use that light to help them through their trials and tribulations.

Being balanced is not a walk in the park it just means that you have a lot of work to do, and the responsibility that comes with that will be different for everyone but one responsibility that will always remain the same. How you treat the planet, and your brothers and sister will directly reflect onto you.

In no means is staying balanced is easy in fact it is the hardest thing that anyone can do, but it is again a choice, you either want to survive, or you do not. It is a choice as to, do you want to live this way forever, do you want your children to suffer forever and do you want this planet to die? This is the choice of which road you want to take. The words that come out of your mouth, how you feel and what you think always becomes action, that is the responsibility of the individual and the paths they choose to talk understanding your energies and how they work can not only save your life and the lives of others or it can end all that is supposed to be sacred.



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